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Automatic Gates

Automatic Sliding Gate

Why Our Automatic Gates?

We only use high quality hardware of proven reliability and durability, professionally installed with strong connecting components and effective safety systems to provide a long and safe service life.

Whether you're looking for an installer of commercial or industrial automatic gates or quality repairs, maintenance  and upgrades, we are the gate automation experts to deliver you a highly reliable, fully backed product.

We aim to provide the best equipment match for your requirements installed using best practice methods.

We are Ministry of Justice approved and Licensed Electricians so your insurer will be happy too.

Our electric gates and electronic access control systems are typically used at warehouses, car parks, various business compounds, high security areas, schools and freight forwarders.

Why Automatic Security Gates?

Electric gates establish specific points of entrance and exit to an area defined by fences and walls.

They function to limit or prohibit the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic and establish a controlled traffic pattern.

Automatic gates prevent access to areas where valuable assets are to be protected or to areas where hazardous machinery operates or hazardous materials are stored.

What is a Gate Automation System?

Electric gate openers consist of three basic components:

  • The Gate: The gate is the physical object that is moved to block the gate opening. Most gates used in commercial applications are made of either RHS (Rolled Hollow Section) steel or chain-link material and are usually designed to match the fencing adjacent to where the gate is installed.

    Gates can have a simple galvanised finish or powder-coated / painted to your requirements.
  • The Gate Operator: The gate operator is the machinery that moves the gate in and out of the gate opening. Gate operators are electrically-powered and are either rack and pinion, screw drive or hydraulically operated.

    Gate motors must be carefully matched to the size, wind loading and expected duty cycle of the gate they are attached to.
  • Safety Systems: A gate system must include adequate safety systems to avoid the possibility of the gate closing on vehicles and personal.

    These systems should be carefully designed and installed taking into account the types of traffic using the gateway and site specifics (e.g. proximity to roads or footpaths).

    These could include: IR safety beams, Inductive loop vehicle detectors, Sensitive edges and Collision sensing circuitry.

Automatic Gate Accessories

There are many accessories that may be used in conjunction with automatic gates. Some of these include:

  • Access Control Systems: Automatic gates can be operated by a variety of electronic access control devices, including swipe cards, vehicle tag readers, PIN keypads, and wireless transmitters (remotes).
  • Intercom Systems: Intercom stations are often provided at automatic gates to give visitors and delivery drivers a means to contact someone inside the facility when the gate is closed. These systems will allow the gate to be remotely opened by someone inside the facility once the visitor's identity has been verified.

    Systems may be audio only or audio / video

    Means of communication can be hard wired, wireless, PSTN telephone, GSM mobile wireless or TCP/IP network
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Video cameras can be used to view and record activity at the gate. The video surveillance system can be used in conjunction with the intercom system.
  • Free Exit Devices: In many cases, it is desirable to have the gate open automatically when a vehicle exits the property. Devices that can be used to provide free exit include vehicle loop detectors, photoelectric beams, and pressure switches.

How it works...

We work with you to make the implementation of a automated gate system as simple and painless as possible.  The first step is to contact us for an obligation fee chat. We'll run through your requirements with you. From there we will provide a free quote and detailed, easy to understand proposal.

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If you're interested in rapid, safe and reliable automated security gates, we want to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply give us a call on 0508 22 88 66 or contact us by email and we'll be in touch fast.