Security Camera Survelliance

We are entering a exciting new age with CCTV security surveillance systems for the reason that HD quality IP video hardware has become comparable in price to the old SD analogue gear whilst vastly outperforming them in every way.

Whether serving as a visual deterrent to crime or giving managers and security professionals the tools they need for dealing with access control, shrinkage, safety issues and liability claims, a CCTV or video surveillance system offers a most practical and cost-effective  solution.

Why Us for Security Camera Systems?

When you're looking for video surveillance systems, we've got the CCTV experts to deliver you a high quality, fully backed product.

You will get the best equipment match for your requirements installed using best practice methods.

We are Ministry Justice approved and Licensed Electricians so your insurer will be happy too.

Why Video surveillance?

Access Control

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems
  • Remotley observe and operate doors and gates

Reduce Loss

  • Capture slips and falls or evaluate environments to prevent them from happening
  • Monitor parking lots for vandalism or loitering

Increase Profit

  • Reduce product shrinkage
  • Monitor employee productivity, breaks and downtime
  • Verify cash handling procedures through POS video integration

Increase Performance

  • Identify process improvement opportunities
  • Monitor work areas to ensure quality standards are met

Decrease Shrinkage

  • Monitor for employee theft
  • Monitor exteriors to prevent robberies
  • Monitor back door or warehouse product theft

Need Video Surveillance Systems?

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