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Pipe and Mesh Automatic Gates

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Industrial Boom Gates

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Cantilever Automatic Gates

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Industrial Automatic Gates

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RHS Steel Commercial Security Gate

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Heavy Duty Swing Gates

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Commercial Barrier Arms

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Sloping Cantilever Gates

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Security Fence and Automated Entry System

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Long Cantilever Gates

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Electronic Access Control and Electric Locks

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Radio Remote Clickers

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Traffic Barrier Arms

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Barrier Arms and Swipe Card Access Control

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Heavy Duty Traffic Barriers

Automatic Gates

We specialise in installation and repairs of Commercial and Industrial Automatic Gates Gate Motors and Security Gate Entry Systems.

From Heavy Duty High Speed Vehicle Entry Gates to Pedestrian Gate Openers and Electronic Locks

We also repair gate hardware, all gate automation systems and electronic access controls.


Barrier Arms

Also known as Automatic Traffic Barriers, Parking Barrier Arms, Auto Road Barriers, or Boom Gates  these are installed to control the movement of traffic into or out of restricted areas.
Auto Traffic Barrier  units are ideal for use in high traffic, security areas where speed and duty cycle are more important.


Access Control

Electronic access control allows the movement of authorised personnel and material into and out of facilities while detecting and possibly delaying movement of unauthorised personnel and assets.

This can be proximity "swipe" card access, PIN keypads, biometric readers, radio remotes, intercoms and other keyless entry systems





Security Fencing

At the very minimum fences serve to establish a visible legal boundary around a facility. They can hold signs advising outsiders of trespassing violations or use of detection or surveillance systems. The standard chain-link fences commonly used cannot be considered as a serious deterrent to any committed intruder and consideration should be given to the implementation of an electric security fence system at sites that are suited to this.


Security Alarms

You want a system that is as easy to use as it is functional and reliable.

From simple systems or on up to more complex high-security systems we can provide a robust solution.

The primary difference between a simple intrusion alarm system and a more elaborate one is the number and type of detection devices used.


Security Cameras

Video surveillance systems are a useful tool when designed and installed correctly.

We specialise in network IP camera and digital recording technology.

Megapixels cameras can offer a quality of video that is substantially better than that provided by traditional standard definition (SD) cameras.





Building Automation and SecurityYou manage security at your facility and you need safe and dependable commercial grade physical protection systems

Great news - we provide high performance, no nonsense security products  delivered in a timely, professional manner.

OverDrive Automation is a security focused installer and repairer operating in the greater Auckland area since 1997.

We put together a range of systems that have proven to be the most reliable and safe off the shelf solutions possible.

Because we want to win on our own merits we believe that if we aren’t performing, you should have the choice to go elsewhere.

So, wherever possible, you’ll see us upholding open, non-proprietary standards, protocols and hardware.

In our experience no one manufacturer or supplier provides a complete range of equipment that will satisfy all of your requirements.

As a result we pick and choose from the best each has to offer combined with best practice installation methods to provide you with solutions that will perform beyond your expectations.

If you’re looking for a security systems company who can provide you with high performance physical protection systems, you've come to the right place. Check out our list of services to see how we can help.

Why Work With Us?

  • Over Thirty Years ExperiencePhysical Protection Systems
  • Rapid Response
  • Ministry of Justice Licensed Security System Installer
  • Licenced Registered Electricians
  • Fully Safety Compliant Organisation

The four fundamentals for physical protection security systems are:

  • Deter
  • Delay
  • Detect
  • Respond

With us you can cover all these. Your single source for perimeter security systems.

At OverDrive Automation, we pride ourselves on providing strong, safe and dependable physical security systems. If you need security systems you can trust completely, we can help.